Michelin Tires: New All-Season Tire A Hit

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Michelin has just released a new all-season tire that is giving the competition a ride for their money. The all-season tires are popular among vehicle owners because they are versatile, affordable and offer a comfortable ride.

Since the tires are new, there are not a lot of customer reviews, but TireRack.com, which sales and tests tires, has offered their expert opinion on the new tires.

“Grand Touring All-Season tires are designed to deliver a blend of refined ride comfort, good traction and handling, long tread wear and all-season capability,” TireRack.com said.

“Michelin has also found a way to mold the tread pattern in such a way that the main circumferential rain grooves get wider towards the base rather than narrower like in traditional tire designs. This helps minimize the restriction of water flowing through the tire footprint as the tread gets shallower (as the tire wears). Premier A/S also has emerging grooves in the shoulder block stat transition from a thin, slit-like sipe to an actual groove, also heeling give water a place to go when the rest of the tread is getting shallower,” the website added.

The tires were tested on both wet and dry surfaces on identical cars. Every year TireRack.com tests tires from a variety of different categories and reports their findings.

Michelin’s new all-season tire will allow them to compete with other tire companies that offer similar tires and will allow them to explore a new market and attract new customers.

Michelin’s Primacy MXV4 was once a top seller, but because it has been around for a while, Michelin needed to release something newer.

The new all-season tires are even more impressive than the MXV4 and will likely help Michelin rise back to the top in tires sales.

What is your favorite tire brand?

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