Michael Vick Expected To Start On Sunday


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Michael Vick, who was injured earlier this season, is likely to start on Sunday. The veteran Eagles quarterback has been listed as probable, and will likely get a chance to take on the Giants, a team that finally got their first win last week.

Vick has been out for the past two weeks after injuring his hamstring in their week 5 game against the Giants.

He has had plenty of trouble throughout his career including past injuries, and we all remember his dog fighting charges that landed him in jail, right? In week 9, he looks to come back and try to revive the Eagles' season, a team that is currently 3-4.

Luckily, his week 5 injury has not kept him out too long, but there is always the chance that bringinig him back too early could be bad for his health too.

As if the injury to Vick was not enough, his backup Nick Foles also suffered a concussion in their game last week, and he was ruled out on Friday. The rookie Matt Barkley out of USC is listed as their No. 2 option.

With Vick's age and desire to still run the football like the young all-star that he used to be, there is no doubt that he has a high risk of injury. Despite Foles' recent injury, coach Chip Kelly has said that it will not have an affect on Vick's status.

The real question is, do fans even want him back? Earlier this week, Michael Vick was listed as the most disliked player in the NFL. Who would want to see the most disliked player return to the field?

Vick cannot be sure certainly, be sure sounds confident that he will play. He said that he could not give a definite answer, but he seems to imply that he will play when saying "I'm excited by the opportunity if I can go. I can set my mind to play if I want to play."

Michael Vick is expected to start on Sunday, and has stated that he will not let his injury alter the way that he normally plays either. He always likes to be aggressive as a runner and a passer, and coming back from this injury should be no different.

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