Michael Strahan: Real Estate Agent?

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Michael Strahan is known for his career in the NFL as a hard-hitting, bone-crushing, quarterback-nightmare-inducing defensive end for the New York Giants. Since he retired in 2007, Strahan has brought his talents to the television airwaves, becoming a co-host of "Fox NFL Sunday" and now co-hosting "Live! with Kelly and Michael", taking the place of Regis Philbin. Strahan is also listed as the executive producer of a new Amazon comedy, "The Outlaws".

With his recent actions, however, Strahan may be able to add real estate agent to his list of professions. Strahan's potential new career first showed promise when he sold his Bel Air home for $11 million earlier this year, making a $3.9 million profit from its $7.9 million purchase-price.

After selling his home, Strahan and fiancee Nicole Murphy (former wife of Eddie Murphy) decided to rent a $20 million mansion in Beverly Hills as their temporary abode.

Now that Strahan works in ABC's New York studios on a daily basis, he has seemingly decided it would be a good idea to purchase real estate a bit closer. The latest dabble into the real estate market by Strahan has been his interest in purchasing a $25 million New York City penthouse. The apartment, a condo in the One Lincoln Square building, sits very near his current workplace. The building is currently home to such famous figures as Eagles bassist Timothy Schmit, MTV founder Bob Pittman, and world-renowned broadcaster Marv Albert. Strahan's predecessor, Regis Philbin, also lives in a building next-door.

The condo itself is 5,500 square feet with 10 rooms, 5 of those being bedrooms.

Money should be of no issue in regards to acquiring the property. Strahan's current net-worth is $30 million dollars, and all projections would have that figure climbing higher due to his media success. However, to put the price of the condo in perspective, with a 20% down payment and a 30 year fixed mortgage, Strahan's monthly mortgage will be $121,266. It's a number nearly impossible to fathom.

Strahan's chances to acquire the apartment will be drastically increased if he is successful in selling his Tribeca condo. Strahan originally put the apartment on the market in 2009 for $1.85 and had no luck in completing a sale. Instead of taking the logical approach and lowering the price, Strahan decided to bump up the price another $400,000 to $2.25 million. Perhaps this unconventional style is the key to Strahan's success?

Whatever he chooses, Strahan needs to act fast. Movie star Bradley Cooper is apparently also interested in the apartment, and we all know how Limitless his financial abilities are.

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