Michael Jordan Schools 17-year-old OJ Mayo [VIDEO]

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Picture this: you're seventeen and one of the best high school basketball players in the country. You get to go to a summer basketball camp, where you not only meet NBA legend Michael Jordan, but get to play against him. While most teens--heck, any basketball fan, really--would probably be humbled by such an experience, one high school player had a slightly different response, and Jordan made him eat crow. A lot of it.

When OJ Mayo attended Michael Jordan's summer camp while still in high school, he made the mistake of talking junk to Jordan during a game. Jordan let the cat out of the bag during an interview earlier this week, while promoting the NBA 2K14 video game.

“In front of my camp, he starts this thing of you can’t guard me, you can’t do this...Finally I just said, ‘Look, dude. You may be the best high school player, but I’m the best player in the world,” Jordan said to Mayo. Jordan then proceeded to teach Mayo one lesson after another.

Mayo, who now plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, remembers the incident with Michael Jordan all too well.

"Mike was Mike,” Mayo in an interview. “He was jawing a little bit and really getting into me defensively. He was backing me down and said, ‘You better scream for mama.’ Then he hit the famous fadeaway on me and he said, ‘Hey young fella, let me tell you something: you may be the best high school player in the world, but I’m the greatest ever. Don’t you ever disrespect the great like that.’”


And just in case you haven't watched any sports news lately, Michael Jordan still stands by his claim that he is the best player of all time. The 14-time NBA All Star said earlier this week that there's no other player that would have beat him in a game of one-on-one, except for maybe Kobe Bryant.

Jerry West, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are just a few of the players Jordan would like to have played with. "I don't think I would lose," Jordan said. "Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves."

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