Michael J Fox: Nike Set to Sell Back to the Future Power Shoelaces This Year

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Michael J. Fox, we're counting on you. It's 2015. This is the year it was all supposed to happen. We were supposed to have hoverboards. Not concept hoverboards; mass-produced, affordable, the real deal. Marty McFly went forward in time to 2015 and there were hoverboards.

Maybe the hoverboard thing will happen; maybe it won't. But Nike is bound and determined to get one thing to market before the year is out. Another product inspired by the adventures of Michael J. Fox's character from Back to the Future II is on the drawing board.

Power laces are coming, promises Nike. The shoe giant has been teasing a McFly-inspired shoe ever since early 2014. Called the Nike Air MAG, the shoe is designed to look like the ones McFly wore when he landed in 2015.

The trouble has been getting the power laces to do their thing without a huge battery pack to power them.

But Nike says that it is on the job and will definitely have the shoes out in 2015.

Several pairs of the shoes are slated to be auctioned off to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. That organization is rumored to be seeking permission to merge with a smaller company, Michael Stern Parkinson's Research Foundation. While Michael J. Fox's Foundation is much larger, reports indicate that they see potential in the Stern organization in terms of developments toward actually finding a cure.

Michael J. Fox has battled with Parkinson's disease since the early 1990s, and has been a vocal public face in the race for a cure since 1998.

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