Michael Dunn: "Loud Music Killer" Rests His Case

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Another Development has been brought to light in the controversial Florida shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The accused shooter, 47-year-old Michael Dunn, delivered an impassioned testimony on Tuesday about how Davis threatened to kill him and reached inside his SUV to get what seemed to be a firearm. Believing that Davis was going to make good on his threat, Dunn got his gun from his car’s glove compartment and fired at the teenager. Davis’ death was almost instant.

Michael Dunn, who is a computer programmer, had just left his son’s wedding reception in the afternoon of November 23, 2012. He and his fiancée, Rhonda Rauer, stopped by a gas station in Jacksonville to pick up some wine before heading back to their hotel when he encountered Jordan Davis and three other African-American teenagers playing loud music in their Dodge Durango.

Dunn conveyed to the jury that he asked the teenagers to turn the volume down as the music caused rattling on the sides and rear-view mirror of his Volkswagen Jetta. After obliging his request, Dunn claims that they immediately turned the volume up again and screamed expletives directed toward him. After confronting them, Dunn says that Davis picked up a shotgun and used it to pound against the passenger door. Convinced that Davis was going to kill him with it, Dunn reached for his pistol and fatally shot Davis.

Prosecutors maintain that there was no real life threat in the incident as no firearms were found in the teenagers’ vehicle. During the cross-examination, it was revealed through an official medical examination that Davis might have been sitting inside the SUV when Dunn shot him.

In addition to one count of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder, Dunn is also facing charges of shooting or throwing a deadly missile. The prosecutor also showed jurors inconsistencies in Dunn’s answers when questioned about the amount of alcohol he consumed prior to his encounter with Davis. Dunn also insisted that he told his fiancée about the teenagers bearing firearms, although her cross-examination answers say otherwise. The defense rested at around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday and closing arguments start on Wednesday morning.

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