Michael Douglas' Ex-Wife: 'I’ve Never Turned My Private Life Into Show Business'

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Diandra Douglas was married to veteran actor Michael Douglas for 23 years before they divorced in 2000. She is now responding to reports that her husband and his current wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, sold pictures of themselves and their family to gossip magazines. “I’ve never sold photos or kept money from anything and I’ve always given everything away to charity,” she said in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo. “I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve never turned my private life into show business. Too much public exposure affects children.”

The 56-year-old is currently living at the Spanish resort home she co-owns with Douglas in Majorca. There were recent rumors that Zeta-Jones had offered to buy Diandra out of her share, but Douglas’ ex-wife denies this story. “Sometimes people say things without the slightest proof. Why would someone who doesn’t speak Spanish or the local Majorcan language or knows nothing about this culture want a house here? She doesn’t even come here much,” she said.

When asked by El Mundo why she seemed “less visible” than her famous ex, Diandra replied, “That’s because I don’t believe in showing off.”

Douglas and his ex-wife share a son, Cameron, 36, who is in jail after being convicted in 2010 for selling methamphetamine and possession of heroin. Diandra shared that she and her son meditate for 15 minutes each evening at the same time in order to facilitate his freedom. However, Cameron has been said to repeatedly break prison rules by trying to get drugs and was recently released from the solitary confinement he was forced to do after failing a prison drug test. “Putting a drug addict in a jail is like putting a diabetic in a cake shop without treatment,” she told El Mundo.

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