Michael C. Hall To Star In Broadway Play

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Michael C. Hall, better known to most as Dexter Morgan, is slated to be one of several big name stars in a new Broadway play. Hall, along with Toni Collette, Marissa Tomei and Tracy Letts are set to be in a Broadway production of The Realistic Joneses, a play by Will Eno. For those of you that are already missing Hall's beloved character, cheer up, you will be able to see him on Broadway as early as March.

Hall, of course, is most well-known for his role in Dexter, which just finished up its 8th and final season on Showtime recently. He starred on the HBO hit Six Feet Under, which ran for five seasons. He has also been in several films, and is getting ready to appear in one of the most anticipated film of the fall, Kill Your Darlings, alongside former Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe.

In addition to Hall, his co-stars are more well-known as film actors and are likely to gain even more attention. Toni Collette has also appeared on Broadway once before in The Wild Party. Like Hall, she also had a starring role in a Showtime series, The United States of Tara. Tomei is well-known for her Oscar winning role in My Cousin Vinny, and has also appeared on Broadway in Wait Until Dark, Salome, and Top Girls.

Bryan Cranston, who recently ended his run on AMC's hit Breaking Bad is also starring in a broadway play called All The Way, in which he will portray former President Johnson.

The play tells the story of two couples, both with the last name of Jones. It is set in a small rural town, and presents the intertwining lives of two neighboring couples who live in identical houses and share the same last name. In somewhat of a utopia like setting, the two couples are forced to choose between perfect fantasies and imperfect realities.

A theater has been chosen for the play yet, but previews are set to begin in February, with an opening weekend of sometime in late March. Hall has appeared on Broadway twice before this, in Chicago and Cabaret.

The author of the play, Will Eno, was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for Thom Pain, and also wrote Middletown, Title and Deed, and Oh, The Humanity and Other Exclamations. The Realistic Joneses first premiered at the Yale Repertory in 2012 with Tracy Letts on board already. Sam Gold will also return as the director of the Broadway version.

Michael C. Hall, the 42-year-old native of North Carolina, is certainly a fan favorite, and news of his casting should excite all of his Dexter fans.

Here he is, as featured in the musical Cabaret.

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