Michael Bolton Opens Up About Struggles With Career In Telling Interview


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Michael...Bolton? Yes, the ACTUAL Michael Bolton, and not a software engineer at Initech, has opened up in a telling interview with Huffington Post. He just so happens to have a biography coming out as well, titled 'The Soul of it All'.

Bolton opened up during the interview, talking about how he trekked across country in the 60's at the age of 14. Calls it a miracle that he survived those experiences. Did a large amount of drugs, even claiming to smoke banana peels.

He grew up in a poor family, with his parents divorced. He started getting involved in music at the age of 13-14, after being involved in sports before then.

Received his first record deal at age 16. It took Bolton 18 years after that first deal before he received his first big hit. He said his first record deal felt like he'd signed with the Yankees. One of his early works was writing and producing songs for Cher.

He shows his humorous side, talking about his experience working with The Lonely Island and doing his rendition of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Bolton started out in rock and roll circles. He actually worked with Paul Stanley in one of the first bands he was a part of, called Blackjack. Bolton also reveals his ties with Kanye West, and how he had to ask his daughters who he was before working with him.

He spent a good portion of the interview providing advice to those looking to get into a music career. He says to work with a voice coach, and just continue to work at it. Talent and passion can't get you as far as you need to and compares it to training for the Olympics.

Bolton even talked about his sex life, with this direct quote form his book, "Unlike Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny, sex was real. Soon other girls were more than willing to get naked with me. I was stunned at my luck. I'll be forever grateful that my first was a patient, kind, gifted, and enthusiastic instructor. Once she'd introduced me to the glories of sex, I realized what I'd been missing in my first precious thirteen years of life. I had to make up for lost time. So I immediately asked when we could do it again"

He then talks about dating stars Nicollete Sheridan and Teri Hatcher.

Bolton then gives his opinion about the current state of music, and talks about his thoughts about Justin Timberlake, and says he could have a Frank Sinatra like career before all is said and done.

And just in case you were wondering what Bolton thinks about Office Space, he's pushing for Mike Judge to make a sequel and hopes he can star in it.