Michael Bisping Gives Tim Kennedy His Biggest UFC Win Yet

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When Tim Kennedy joined the UFC in 2013, nobody knew what he was capable of, and many raised their doubts and questions regarding his abilities. In his recent fight, however, Kennedy was able to show the audience just what he is all about.

The middleweight clash between Kennedy and Michael Bisping happened on Wednesday at The Ultimate Fighter: Nations Finale. Kennedy was able to control Bisping in most of the five rounds that the match lasted. Kennedy won by unanimous decision with 49-46, 49-46, 50-45.

Bisping is well-known for getting back to his feet when down on the mat, but on Wednesday night, he wasn’t able to do so, as Kennedy was determined to keep him down.

After the match, Kennedy approached Bisping and said, “I hit you with my best shots. You took them. I have nothing but respect for you.”

The rivalry between Kennedy and Bisping started back in 2010, when Kennedy challenged Bisping even though he was still with another organization.

Despite his win, Kennedy was not all smiles, as he might have broken his right hand with all the action that happened. He hopes to get his hand checked on Thursday.

This is considered Kennedy’s biggest fight, as he was able to take down Bisping, who is ranked higher than him at No. 5. Kennedy is now at 18-4, while Bisping is at 24-6. Wednesday’s affair was also significant for Bisping, as it was the first time he fought in almost a year because of an eye injury that almost ended his career in the UFC.

Now that Kennedy has defeated one of his rivals, who’s next in line for him? Rumors say that it might be Luke Rockhold or Souza. Kennedy has lost to both of them, but has showed a lot of improvement since. Beating either one of the fighters would be another big win for him if the match happens, as they are both part of the top five.

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