Miami Cannibal Attack: Face-Eater Identified

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The man who attacked a homeless individual in Miami on Sunday and cannibalized his face has now been identified as 31-year old Rudy Eugene.

Eugene was found nude and attacking another man on a causeway; a bystander flagged down police, who were amazed and sickened when they discovered Eugene eating parts of the victim's face. The victim has not been identified but was in critical condition when the story went to press and was missing his lips, an eye and one ear.


The story garnered huge headlines when it broke over Memorial Day weekend, prompting theories of a zombie apocalypse and speculation on drug use. Police say they think Eugene was high on "bath salts", which is exactly what it sounds like and is now being used to create the effects of LSD. One of the effects of the drug is internal heat, which raises the temperature to a dangerous level and makes the user feel like their organs are baking, which is reportedly what caused Eugene to take his clothes off. In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven't commented on why.

Officials believe Eugene found the homeless man lying on the causeway and saw easy prey and, for reasons unknown, attacked. When police told him to cease his actions and he refused, they shot at him; officials say they got in at least half a dozen shots before he went down growling, flesh still dangling from his mouth.

Several cases of bath salts-related violence have been reported in the area, according to officials, and it almost always involves almost super-human strength in which the user attacks with their jaws. The drug can cause heavy psychosis and a state of delirium.

Dr. Adams of Jackson Memorial Hospital says he's seen similar cases, although none to this extreme.

"I took care of a 150 pound individual who you would have thought he was 250 pounds,” Dr. Adams said. “It took six security officers to restrain the individual.”

Eugene's ex-wife has said that he was very violent towards her during their marriage and has a record, varying from petty theft to drug-related charges. He had recently been evicted from his home and was reportedly angry about it.

No word yet on the victim's condition, although a picture is making its way around the internet that allegedly shows the extensive damage done to his face. He is said to be in critical condition; an update will be made as soon as WebProNews receives one.

Amanda Crum
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