Mia Farrow Posts "Black Children" Tweet

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Mia Farrow is kind of known for her interesting Twitter feed.

The actress and activist simply wanted to wish her 21-year-old adopted daughter a happy birthday with a lovely picture of her.

However, the usually tech savvy Mia Farrow made a very public faux pas.

Mia Farrow forgot to remove the search terms used to find the picture, and they were certainly unfortunate.

At the top of her daughter's picture were the terms: Mia Farrow and her black children.

The tweet was almost immediately removed and replaced with this one:

This time, Mia Farrow left out the search bar.

But, that didn't stop self-proclaimed news domain expert Nick Carbone long to call Mia Farrow out on her mistake.

Mia Farrow replied with a tweet at Nick Carbone, in which she attempted to explain just what happened.

The text of Mia Farrow's explanation reads like this, "nah. I took the photo myself & posted it before. Then someone sent it to me & I didn't check source."

Sure, pass the buck, Mia!

So, what do you think? Should Mia Farrow's tweet garner her public humiliation?

Or do you think it was just an honest mistake made by someone else and that she is only guilty of not double checking her tweet? You know, like we all are at one time or another.

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