Mexico Yacht Crash Leaves Three Dead, One Missing

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A yacht crash in mexico has left three people dead and one missing, according to ABC News. The boat, christened the Aegean, was part of a 125-mile race from California to Mexico. At some point late Friday night or early Saturday morning, the yacht collided with a much larger vessel, claiming the lives of three people. One person is still unaccounted for. Of the bodies that have been recovered, none of them have been identified. Furthermore, it's unclear as to how many people were actually on-board the boat at the time of the accident.

The boat disappeared from radar at around 1:30am on Saturday, which prompted officials into sending out a search party. The Coat Guard discovered debris from the wreckage near Coronado Islands in Mexico. Eric Lamb, one of the men who discovered the bodies, stated that it looked as if the boat had been put through a blender.

The race cuts through shipping lanes, so officials are theorizing that perhaps the Aegean collided with a much larger boat while traveling in this particular area. "Quite honestly, I'm amazed it hasn't happened before," Lamb said. "You get 200 boats out there, they lose their way, and they're just bobbing around."

"There will be an investigation to determine exactly what happened. We're just not sure at this point. We're going to be looking into it," explained US Coast Guard Petty Officer Henry Dunphy. "Basically we're searching around Coronado Islands. Last night it was a 10 by 10 area, this morning it'll be expanding based on basically drift patterns would be in that area."

U.S. Sailing Association also plans to initiate their own investigation into the matter.

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