Metro: Last Light Delayed Yet Again, Releases on May 17


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When THQ entered bankruptcy and auctioned off its game properties and studios piecemeal it wasn't certain that all of the projects would survive. In particular, it was odd to see the Metro series land in the hands of Koch Media, the parent company of Dead Island publisher Deep Silver.

Today, some good news has come for Metro fans.

Deep Silver has announced that Metro: Last Light will be released before summer. The game will be released in North America on May 14 and in Europe on May 17. Last Light will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The game had already been delayed twice, and its most recent release date was sometime in March 2013.

“The new release date is the ideal way to strike the balance between bringing the best out of Metro: Last Light and not keep the fans waiting longer than necessary.” , said Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media. “We won’t leave that time unexploited and will work closely together with 4A Games to make the game even better. It will receive all the attention it deserves.”

Over on the Metro Facebook page, the game's developers have promised to use their extra time to give the game a "final layer of polish." They have also stated that pre-order details are being worked out and will hopefully be announced "soon."