Metaio Brings Augmented Reality Development To The Average User

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A big theme in the development scene these days is how we can make creation via code easier and more fluid for the average user. Not everybody has the time, patience or education to learn a programming language, let alone the two or three that are required to create an app or software program. There have been some strides lately with The App Builder and Game Maker, but a lot of development is still firmly out of reach.

Augmented reality company metaio doesn't like that so they set off to do something about it. The company's tools contained in the metaio Mobile SDK have been a huge hit for developers wanting to create AR experiences on mobile devices. It has seen over 10,000 downloads with 1,000 active developers. There are almost 200 applications out there now built on their Mobile SDK with 900 currently in development.

"The response from the developer community was phenomenal," said metaio's CTO Peter Meier. "It however inspired us to offer software that would put this technology in the hands of designers, content providers, publishers, and the average users who might not have extensive programming knowledge."

That's why the company is now introducing the metaio Creator. It's aimed squarely at "non-developers, designers and people who have the desire to create amazing AR experiences but with to do so without using a hard-coding environment." The Creator is compatible with junaio, a mobile AR browser, and can be used to quickly create cloud-based AR content for Android and iOS devices.

In an even more exciting news, the next update for junaio will introduce HTML and JavaScript support, so developers will be able to expand their AR applications to do even more. Looking even further ahead, the metaio Creator will allow users to upload their creations to all of metaio's software including the Mobile SDK.

"The most important thing for metaio is to cultivate development and content creation for the entire community," said Head of US Marketing Trak Lord. "Programmers, users, designers, artists - everyone should be able to live in the Augmented City."

From May 8 through 21, the metaio Creator will be 30 percent off. The price is still a pretty hefty $227, but it may be worth it if it delivers on its promise of advanced AR creation without the need for expansive programming knowledge. There is also a demo available for you to try out.