Meryl Davis and Charlie White: Moms Helped Win Gold

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Meryl Davis and Charlie White have just scored the ultimate goal and have brought home to the USA that coveted gold medal during Sochi's winter olympics.

This is an historic gold medal, as the US has never won for ice dancing before. The pair have been training together for seventeen years and have worked hard every day of their lives to get where they are today.

Their journey began as awkward kids of 8 and 9, having a hard time trying to pull off the "chemistry" needed to fake passion and other sorts of emotions that grade school kids are completely unaware of.

They have certainly come a long way and their familiarity and ease with each other are mainly credited with giving them the edge that they needed to beat out a number of great ice dancing athletes on Monday.

However, the two might say that there were also two other magic ingredients to the mix that made all the difference in the world.

"Charlie is very anti-superstition – we don't have any concrete good luck charms we rely on," Davis said, according to People. "But I think our moms are as close to good luck charms as we have."

The pair's moms have never missed a competition, said Davis, "and one tradition we have is that before we compete, we take a moment to give our moms a hug before we warm up."

"We're so grateful to have them with us wherever we go in the world," Davis says of the moms.

They are so grateful that the gold-winning duo participated with P&G in their "Thank You, Mom" campaign. That gave them the chance to feature their moms in the above video and thank them for all the years of cheering, support, and just being there as Mom.

It's clearly a dream come true for two amazing athletes and their devoted moms.

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