Meredith Vieira Returns To Prostitute Role

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If you're not a fan of soap operas--"General Hospital" in particular--you may not know that television host Meredith Vieira once guest-starred on the daytime drama as an upscale madam with a flock of call-girls in her employ. That was ten years ago, but the show wants to bring her back for the role of Bree Flanders to spice things up.

However, Bree won't be trying to recruit characters to her business; this time around, she's the senior Vice President of Marketing for CoeCoe Cosmetics, which is run by Lucy Coe (played by Lynn Herring), and things are bound to get interesting. Vieira says she's glad the show's writers thought to bring her back but changed her character a bit, because the bad girl masquerading as a good girl is much juicier than rehashing the same old scenes.

"...Maybe it's not as juicy to be in cosmetics but it would be so pathetic if Bree was still in the madam business 10 years later, sitting there with her scotch and her cigarettes. It would have been creepy. I'm just so surprised they're bringing her back at all. I just assumed something bad had happened to her," Vieira said.

Vieira's return to the show will coincide with guest spots from several actors on her game show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire": Finola Hughes (Anna), Ian Buchanan (Duke), and Jason Thompson (Patrick) will appear in April, right around the time of GH's 50th anniversary.

Vieira makes her triumphant return to soaps this Friday, December 14th.

Amanda Crum
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