Mercedes-Benz Hits The Road With Google Maps API


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Mercedes-Benz is steadily becoming what some might consider the iCar. First, the car company debuted its first smart car at CES 2012. Then, Mercedes-Benz announced that Apple's Siri would be included in its A-Class line of vehicles, plus it has some kind of Facebook and Twitter access built into the dashboard. Now, the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, have used Google Maps API to create a series of interactive maps accessible from the car's dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz Google Maps

Mercedes-Benz Google Maps

From the Lat Long Blog:

The vehicle’s integrated navigation system will be enhanced in certain regions by a fully functional JavaScript Maps API v3 implementation using Styled Maps, Google Places API, Places Autocomplete API, traffic layer, and the Panoramio layer as an Android App for the AMG Performance Media option. This provides the user with a familiar Google Maps interface in addition to the onboard maps from the navigation system.

In addition to being able to perform Google Maps searches from the convenience of your car console, you'll have access to several overlays developed with Google Maps API. One of the more useful maps you'll find is a low light map that'll make it easier for the eyes to read without making your pupils dilate too much as you switch from the road to the map.

Mercedes-Benz Google Maps

If you're driving into parts unknown, drivers will also be able to view the destination with its environs via Google Street View.

Then again, with all of these features, if you're driving maybe you should, y'know, drive and let your passenger navigate through the Google Maps menu.