Mercedes-Benz and Google Glass Join Forces

Mercedes-Benz has taken the reins of innovation and is showing no signs of slowing down. From the 2014 CLA that will be priced just under $30,000 at $29,900 to the pseudo-compact SUV, the new 2015 GLA...
Mercedes-Benz and Google Glass Join Forces
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  • Mercedes-Benz has taken the reins of innovation and is showing no signs of slowing down. From the 2014 CLA that will be priced just under $30,000 at $29,900 to the pseudo-compact SUV, the new 2015 GLA, which will be hitting the U.S. market in Fall 2014, Mercedes-Benz is headed in only one direction – up; literally!

    Mercedes-Benz has decided that they will not continue to simply remain a vehicle that sits quietly outdoors. In other words, you can seemingly take your Mercedes-Benz with you even after you have left the driver’s seat. To make this possible, they have teamed up with Google in a partnership that has led to a prototype of a vehicle that has Google Glass integration. Essentially, Mercedes-Benz is working on a navigation app that will not only assist you in getting to your destination while in your vehicle, but will assist you once you have left you car and are in motion to your destination on foot. It’s being described as “door-to-door” navigation.

    This is just another way Google is going above and beyond to show that Google Glass is a viable concept. Google has recently aligned themselves with none other than the trend-setters themselves, the fashion heads. This past year, Google teamed up with fashion designer and president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Diane von Furstenberg. Goggle Glass was incorporated into her Spring/Summer show, where she reportedly pulled Sergey Brin who was seated front row, onto the stage at the finale of the presentation. Each model donned an outfit with matching Google Glass eye wear.

    The fashion world has taken a huge interest in Google Glass, being that it has not only hit the runways, but is also being featured in this year’s publication of Vogue magazine’s September issue; in other words, the fashion bible.

    They’ve also become an interest to Hearst Corporation’s Elle magazine, which has apparently become the first magazine app to be created for Google Glass.

    These fashion partnerships only seem to be working out in Google’s favor and one can only guess that this new automotive progression will be available for consumers sooner than later. It would seem that many fashion ads always display some sort of partnership with an automotive company. Maybe Google will be premiering an ad combining the two in the near future.

    Though it is currently in the testing stage, Mercedes-Benz is looking forward to leading the automobile industry into a new generation of technologically interactive vehicles.

    As eye wear works in general, it has no boundaries. It reaches generations of people. Google Glass seems to be doing the same. Whether you’re into fashion or automobiles, Google Glass is attempting to find a niche in each realm. It would appear that we could only expect Google to take it a step further and infiltrate many other fields.

    Here’s an idea, Google Glass for everyday use? Just think, maybe one day we’ll be able to use it to check our email, check the security status of our homes or maybe we’ll be able to video chat sometime in the near future? Either way, here’s for hoping that Google Glass will continue to make Glassholes out of us all!

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