Mentions of Video Found in Instagram Code

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There's a rumor floating around that Facebook is going to unveil video for Instagram at their upcoming event scheduled for Thursday, June 20th. It makes sense that Instagram would add video capabilities, considering the surge of the Twitter-owned Vine in recent months.

Well, developer Tom Waddington, who has a history of finding things hidden deep in Facebook code, thinks that he's found proof that video is definitely coming to Instagram - at least at some point.

Here's what Waddington found in Instagram code:

I decided to take a look at Instagram - the current app, the API and the website. Before long, I came across mentions of .tVideo and .tVideoIndicator CSS classes on profile pages...The sprites - a play/pause and volume/mute button, and their connection to videos in the markup seems to mean that Instagram video is a certainty. A mute button is the big giveaway on a photo-sharing app

He's not sure that Instagram video is what Facebook is gearing up to unveil on Thursday, but he says this proves it's on the way. One source recently told TechCrunch that Facebook's big event would focus on Instagram, but it's possible that Facebook could unveil any number of new products. It could even be some sort of news aggregator or RSS reader - Waddington recently found some code pointing in that direction too.

Josh Wolford
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