Men Involved In Extra-Marital Sexual Affairs Likely To Suffer Heart Attack


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For those that have seen the movie Dave, do you remember the part of the movie's plot where the President (who is cheating on his wife) suffers a coma after sex? Well, this kind of scenario is starting to become more of a reality (the cheating-sex-to-death premise, not the President-cheating one). If anyone reading this article is involved within extra-marital affairs, you may want to keep reading this article.

According to an article by Matthew Herper of Forbes, according to the book Heart 411: The Only Guide to Heart Health You’ll Ever Need by Marc Gillinov and Steven Nissen, a section discussed the following statement:

Men with coronary heart disease do need to follow the rules. When heart attacks occur during or after sex, they almost always involve older men engaged in extramarital affairs with young women. For those men, it would have been safer to stay at home and burn off excess energy on a treadmill in the basement."

With this statement, Herper asked the authors to provide data to backup their hypothesis. Gillinov and Nissen responded with this data from a scientific statement from the American Heart Association:

In an autopsy report of 5559 instances of sudden death, (0.6%) reportedly occurred during sexual intercourse. Two other autopsy studies reported similarly low rates (0.6%–1.7%) of sudden death related to sexual activity. Of the subjects who died during coitus, 82% to 93% were men, and the majority (75%) were having extramarital sexual activity, in most cases with a younger partner in an unfamiliar setting and/or after excessive food and alcohol consumption. The increase in absolute risk of sudden death associated with 1 hour of additional sexual activity per week is estimated to be <1 per 10 000 person-years.

The Twitter community has been active spreading the word about these facts, and I have provided some of their tweets below:

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