Melissa Rivers May File Lawsuit Against Mother's Surgeon


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The death of Joan Rivers had a huge effect on the world, but her daughter Melissa was the most devastated. Rivers was undergoing a routine throat surgery when she went into cardiac arrest on the operating table and later died.

A source close to the family said that Melissa is planning to sue the Manhattan clinic where her mother was undergoing the minor surgery that led to her death.

"Melissa does plan to sue the clinic," a source close to Melissa Rivers told the Daily Mail. "She is going to launch a lawsuit."

The details surrounding the procedure and Rivers's death are a bit sketchy, but according to reports, Dr. Gwen Korovin, the ear, nose and throat specialist who accompanied Rivers to the clinic but was not authorized to practice there, performed the surgery.

While working on the vocal chords, Korovin allegedly noticed something strange on one of them and decided to do an unplanned biopsy. Rivers had consented to the vocal cord surgery and an endoscopy, but not a biopsy.

The clinic has denied that any such biopsy was ever done on Joan, but strangely, the medical director of the clinic has stepped down.

Dr. Korovin however, doesn't seem too worried about the lawsuit or the death of Rivers and allegedly even took a selfie before doing Rivers' procedure and is still taking new patients in spite of the circumstances.