Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Her New Slim Figure


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Melissa Joan Hart, the spokesperson for Nutrisystem, recently revealed her new slim figure!

Hart, the star of ABC's hit show Melissa and Joey, gave birth to her third son Tucker in September 2012. Since then, she has been struggling to lose the baby weight, however with the help of Nutrisystem, she was able to drop 40 pounds!

Entertainment Tonight got to speak to Hart on the set of her newest Nutrisystem commercial, where Hart explained that she felt "pretty amazing" in her swim suit.

"I felt prepared. I was confident," she said. "I don't wear bikinis even when I go to the beach, so when I put it on in front of the cameras and all these people, and my husband showed up -- it's nerve-wracking but the feeling is very satisfying."

While she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy with Tucker, she confessed that she didn't feel as much pressure to lose the weight like she did with her first two pregnancies.

"For me, it was important to bond with my child, as opposed to 'lose the weight.' So I waited until I was ready, and I knew I had the time, and then I made it a priority that I would eat well," Hart explained. " ... In the beginning, I felt an uncomfortable pressure that I rebelled against, but this third time, I had to go back on camera, I wanted to look great, so I focused on it once I knew I had the time in my schedule."

Hart says she is very happy with the way her body looks now. "I am actually -- I am really happy where I am," the actress said. "I could live like this. I'm on a good path -- I love where I'm at and I feel amazing."

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