Melissa Harris-Perry's "Humiliating" Holder Request

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Melissa Harris-Perry put Attorney General Eric Holder through a long interview on Sunday.

As a reporter, Melissa Harris-Perry covered all the big topics like gun control, voting rights, etc.

Through the interview, Holder remained a professional.

However, as the interview ended, Melissa Harris-Perry pulled a strange move.

The MSNBC reporter out of left field revealed that, at her show's office, the folks like to refer to him as "The Duck".

Holder looked at Melissa Harris-Perry very confused-like for an awkward moment before asking, “The Duck?”

Melissa Harris-Perry explained, “We say you have a very placid, even way of presenting, but you are just working for justice underneath.”

She then asked, “Would you quack for us?”

Eric Holder declined, of course.

But, he said he agreed with Melissa Harris-Perry's analogy.

He said, “On the surface, I’d like to think that’s the way I appear to be."

Then he added, “But you’re absolutely right, those little duck feet are moving as fast as they can underneath and things are going as fast as they can behind the scenes.”

Well, Eric Holder took Melissa Harris-Perry's comments in stride, but not everyone was impressed with the way the interview ended. Some found it absurd and even distasteful.

Fox News' Megyn Kelly was floored.

Kelly called it a “terrible question”. She said the "duck" part of the interview was embarrassing and that Melissa Harris-Perry might as well have “proclaim[ed] her undying love for Eric Holder.”

To this she added, “How humiliating for her!”

What do you think of the situation?

The interview ended strangely, indeed. But, was it embarrassing or humiliating for Melissa Harris-Perry? Or, all in good fun and a humanizing moment for Eric Holder?

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