Melissa Gorga Questions Jims Comments

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Melissa Gorga was hoping to enjoy a trip to Florida with her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. When Teresa decided she couldn't go at the last minute, Gorga decided to go on the trip with the new Real Housewives Of New Jersey girls and ended up watching a huge fight unfold.

Several of the ladies and Amber Marchese fought over cheating accusations that other cast members has addressed on the show, but Gorga was previously unaware of. She said she was not happy about the fight or the fact that she hadn't been told about the rumors but was most upset about the fact that Amber's husband had instigated the fight by bringing up the rumors.

Gorga said that she had hoped the trip would be a fun one and doesn't understand why Amber's husband Jim would try to start trouble with the group.

Because Gorga was unaware of the rumors, she was not part of the fight nor was her husband. Still, she said she could not believe what she was seeing and hearing from Jim in Florida.

“Yes, Jim went there! I was hoping to have Jim and Amber come in and really get along with the group and just have a great time. I honestly think Amber thought that she was going to just wipe the slate clean and try to start over with the twins as well,” Melissa Gorga revealed about the drama.

Gorga said that Jim isn't the only person she is disappointed in, she is also upset with Amber and the way she is handling things with Teresa. Teresa was recently convicted of fraud and is awaiting sentencing.

Gorga said that Amber says she is being supportive of Teresa but instead of actually being supportive, she is really just looking for information about her so she can cause more drama and stir rumors.

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