Melissa Gorga Opens Up About Joe Giudice

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Melissa Gorga opened up to Andy Cohen this week about her family and said that Joe Giudice, who has been in the news as the subject of cheating allegations, is "manning up" regarding his responsibilities with the kids now that his wife Teresa is in jail.

Gorga became emotional when talking about Joe, who was convicted of fraud and will be serving a 41-month prison sentence once Teresa is done with her own. The judge allowed them to serve time one after the other so that their daughters would have a parent with them at all times.

"It's heartwarming to see him. It's heavy on his heart. It's a lot. He's manning up, and he's doing what he has to do. I pass him in the morning, and he's driving the girls to school. And I usually pass Teresa every morning," Melissa said.

Joe Giudice told Us Weekly this week that the rumors spreading around the web about his alleged affair are completely false, and the woman who has been named in the accusations--Jamie Jackson--is backing up his story.

"No, I did not flirt with her. I did not make out with her, nothing happened between us. Everything InTouch is saying that happened between us are lies," Giudice said.

"I definitely never slept with him... Nothing happened with me and Joe, I didn’t know him prior, nothing inappropriate happened at any time. We did not hook up, kiss, or anything more. I saw him at the two business meals and nothing more, it’s all made up bulls---," Jackson agreed.

A source told E! that Joe and Jamie were in Atlantic City at the same time but that nothing happened.

"Joe was in Atlantic City for a meeting about getting a wine that he's involved with into one of the casinos. He was also there to discuss a potential appearance with Teresa for later that month before she surrendered. Jamie, the woman in question, was there because she's a model who was hired by the wine company to do promotional work," the source said.

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