Melissa Gorga Gets Holiday Snub From Sister-In-Law Teresa Giudice


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Melissa Gorga will get no holiday cheer in the form of sister-in-law Teresa Giudice!

According to RadarOnline, Giudice is making the most of the few weeks of freedom she has left before she heads off to prison to begin serving jail time.

This means spending quality time with those friends and family members who mean the most to her.

Apparently fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate Melissa Gorga is not counted among her close acquaintances.

Radar reports that Gorga and Giudice were faking their on-camera friendship after all, and that behind the scenes, Teresa and Melissa were as distant as ever.

It's kind of sad to think that with Christmas time nearly upon us and Giudice preparing to go to jail that she and Gorga couldn't find it in their hearts to put aside their feuding. They are family after all!

But Melissa and husband Joe were reportedly snubbed by Teresa, who has no intention of "mending bridges".

"Even though they acted cordially towards one another for the show, their issues have continued," an insider shared with Radar.

"While most people would want to spend their last Christmas home with all of their family, Teresa has been extremely vocal about the fact that she will not spend the holidays with Melissa or Joe."

The anonymous source goes on to state that for all the buddy-buddy behavior, in actuality Giudice cannot stand Gorga and has not forgiven her brother.

If you saw the two women during the recent Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show, you may have noticed a bit of coldness. The source claims that the way Teresa behaved toward Melissa demonstrated the way the New Jersey housewife really feels about her sister-in-law.

Well, if it makes Melissa Gorga feel any better, she's not the only person who made the headlines for being on the wrong side of Teresa Giudice.

It was recently reported that Giudice has decided to sue her bankruptcy lawyer for errors made when reporting her family's assets. She even insisted that he was more or less to blame for her family's recent run of terrible fortune.

Oh well.

Maybe the months spent apart will be what convinces Teresa to soften her feelings towards Melissa. If not, it will be apparent that few people can hold a grudge quite like this RHONJ star!