Melissa Benoist On "Supergirl": She Is All About Hope, Positivity

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Melissa Benoist was among the throng over the weekend at Comic-Con to promote her new CBS show, Supergirl.

During an interview, Melissa Benoist revealed just how excted she was to bring Supergirl to life.

She said, "It's just high time. She speaks for hope and bravery and positivity and kindness, and shows that you can be strong without hurting people and without aggression and force. And I just think the message is so clear and pure."

She added, "It's time for something like that. Some clarity and some positivity."

It was also fun to hear about the first time Melissa Benoist tried on the suit.

Just hangin' out with some heroes

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Melissa Benoist said, "That's a pretty indescribable feeling. It's hard to articulate, but it really feels like this, internal transformation, you know?"

She added, "I didn't expect it, 'cause you're just putting on tights, you're putting on a leotard and a cape and whatever. But there's something that really changes its strength."

And now we all want to try on that suit.

Melissa Benoist also made a surprising, but low-key, admission at Comic-Con.

On the train to San Diego to see everyone at #sdcc2015 #Supergirl @supergirlofficial @comiccon2015

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It seems that Melissa Benoist and her long-time beau, Blake Jenner, got married!

Like, a long time ago.

...and nose smooshing @blakedaflake

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Melissa Benoist was wearing a delicate silver band on her ring finger while promoting Supergirl at Comic-Con, where she told several people that her wedding day had already happened. Sources say her wedding was back in late March.

Blake Jenner has been spotted wearing a ring on the special finger since April, so that would make sense!

What an exciting time for Melissa Benoist! Are you looking forward to seeing the Glee alum as Supergirl?

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