Melanie Amaro Earns "Respect" For Elton John/Pepsi Commercial For Super Bowl

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Since winning X-factor, singer Melanie Amaro has really entered onto the scene, while the show itself isn't doing so well. Amaro is jovial after recently shooting a Pepsi Super Bowl ad with the music giant and piano man Elton John.

The commercial itself is set in a royal court in what looks to be during the renaissance times. The almighty king is played by Sir Elton John himself and the kindly king seems to be holding a talent contest of some sort. The king files through failure after failure only to find the woman played my Amaro who only wants to present herself before the king for "treasure" (Pepsi) after that she proceeds to sing a dance remix of Aretha Franklin's smash hit "Respect"

Reportedly, Elton John had this to say about Amaro:

"She oozes personality, you can see it by talking to her. She's very voluptuous. She's cheeky and fun."

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