Megyn Kelly Slams Donald Trump's Insult of CNN Reporter

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Megyn Kelly stood up for Sara Murray--a reporter on rival network CNN--this week after Donald Trump insulted her in a conversation with Chris Cuomo.

It goes without saying that Megyn Kelly knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of one of Donald Trump's disses.

While appearing on CNN's New Day, Donald Trump complained about Sarah Murray to Cuomo.

“Sara Murray didn’t report [his huge crowds] very well, because she never flips the camera to show the lines," Trump began.

“I think she’s absolutely terrible,” he added. “Either she’s a very unemotional person or she’s not a very good reporter, one or the other.”

“I don’t know she’s incompetent or doesn’t like me or maybe she’s given instructions from up above,” Donald Trump continued. “There’s gotta be an agenda someplace at CNN.”

Megyn Kelly--who looked into Sara Murray's coverage of Donald Trump--says Murray routinely noted the sizes of the crowds at Trump's events. In fact, she opened one story saying, “Donald Trump knows how to rally a crowd.”

“The problem,” Megyn Kelly said, “is that unless you say it just the way he wants you to say it, you get hit.”

It’s just that “some networks give him an unfettered arena in which to assault the press, which helps with some voters who don’t like reporters or the media,” she added.

There's no question that Megyn Kelly is on to Donald Trump. If he somehow wins the Republican nomination, she will likely follow him throughout the remainder of his campaign--picking up on every minute detail.

Some might say Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump got off on the wrong foot at the first Republican debate. Others recognize Trump insulted the wrong woman.

Do you foresee Sarah Murray and Megyn Kelly joining forces one day soon--if for nothing more than the sole purpose of aggravating Donald Trump?

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