Megyn Kelly: Hate Mail Intended for the Fox Host Goes to Former University of Pittsburgh Student

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Megyn Kelly has been the recipient of much hate mail since she hosted the Republican debate earlier this summer. Unfortunately so has Megan Kelly, a former student at the University of Pittsburgh. Megan Kelly has been receiving hate male intended for Megyn Kelly.

Are you following along here?

Megan Kelly says she has received Megyn Kelly's email in the past, but definitely not in the volume she has received since the Republican debate.

Not all the emails she has received are hate mail. Some people have asked for her autograph. Others, however, have cautioned her not to "sit there and attack Trump!"

Megan Kelly is very good natured about the sudden influx of email flooding her inbox each day. During a recent interview with CBS Pittsburgh, she says, “Some of the people who are emailing me kind of aren’t understanding how the internet works."

That's not such a big surprise. If they understood the internet, they likely would know the difference between the spelling of these two Kelly ladies' first names.

Megan Kelly finds the whole thing quite humorous. In fact, she posts many of the emails intended for Megyn Kelly on her Facebook page.

“It's really weird,” she says. “It's not consistent. But every time I get one, I'm like, ‘Yes!'”

Megyn Kelly has yet to comment on Megan Kelly receiving her emails.

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