Meghan Trainor Thought She Was Too Big To Be A Pop Star

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Meghan Trainor, in an interview for the March issue of Seventeen magazine, admitted that she never saw fame in her future.

Meghan Trainor suffered from what many young women, and older women, suffer from. Self-doubt and enormous amounts of self-criticism.

She said of her early experiences, “When I saw photos of myself, I would think, ‘I look awful. There’s a double chin!’ I never thought I’d be a pop star. I don’t look like Rihanna.”

Ok, there just aren't that many that look like Rihanna. But does that matter in the mind of a young woman like Meghan Trainor?

Usually not.

My selfie game is fierce

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Though it's hard to overcome that kind of thinking, it is especially hard when a girl has a little extra butter around the middle.

But, Meghan Trainor became an exception. And in doing so, she has inspired girls all over the country to change their thinking about the ideological expectations that they put on themselves.


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She said of one particular encounter, “This girl came up to me bawling and said, ‘You make me feel pretty again. Thank you’. It really resonated with me that this girl was so gorgeous, and she didn’t even know it. It’s a mental thing."

It absolutely is a mental thing. The proof? Well, that's in the pudding.

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Meghan Trainor proved it to herself.

“Just recently I was thinking, ‘I’m confident now, and I look good,’ and that’s because I’ve started saying those words out loud more."

She added, "So now when I see pictures, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, why would I hate myself at all? I look incredible in that picture!’.”

That's an amazing way to look at life and self!

What do you think about Meghan Trainor's change of heart? Do you think her music and her philosophy on looks will continue to change the girls see themselves?

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