MegaUpload: Extradition Papers Filed In Kim Dotcom Case

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Kim Dotcom is in for the fight of his life as his extradition hearing is now official.

We reported a few weeks ago that Kim Dotcom was finally released on bail after being held in jail for almost a month after his company, MegaUpload, was seized by the feds for alleged copyright violations.

The United States government has filed the extradition papers today according to the NZ Herald. They are seeking to have Kim Dotcom and three of his associates extradited to the U.S. to be charged for their crimes.

Crown Law will be handling the case for the U.S. government and confirmed that the papers had been filed with the North Shore District Court.

In his first TV interview since being arrested, Dotcom said he has no plans to leave New Zealand. He will be taking his time to prepare for his upcoming extradition trial and staying with his wife who is currently pregnant with twins. Dotcom seems confident and says that he will win. He feels that he has done nothing wrong and the Internet seems to be on his side with this one.

If the U.S. is successful in having Dotcom extradited, he will face charges of criminal copyright infringement among other serious charges.

The extradition hearing has been set for August. We’ll keep you updated on any changes.