MegaUpload Drops Lawsuit Against Universal Music

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With all this hoopla over MegaUpload's current battle against multiple counts of copyright infringement among other serious charges, it's easy to forget that MegaUpload at one time was bringing a lawsuit of its own against Universal Music Group. If you need a refresher, check out our previous coverage of the lawsuit.

Unfortunately for MegaUpload, and fortunately for Universal Music Group, Kim Dotcom and company have bigger fish to fry. MegaUpload's lawyers have decided to drop the case against Universal Music Group. The obvious reason being that they need to focus all of their legal attention on the current extradition fight and the charges brought against the company by the U.S.

Just because they dropped the lawsuit for now, however, doesn't mean that they're going to keep it that way. MegaUpload attorney Ira Rothken has told TorrentFreak that the company will be "permitted to refile the case if it chooses to do so."

While MegaUpload may one day reopen its lawsuit against UMG, Dotcom and his lawyers need to focus on the upcoming case. The first step, according to MegaUpload, is filing a motion in response to the US indictment. Dotcom told TorrentFreak that their "upcoming court fillings will reveal the full nonsense dimension of the indictment."

Check out the MegaUpload Mega Song to relive those magical moments when all MegaUpload had to worry about was a lawsuit against UMG: