MegaUpload's Kim Dotcom Granted Bail

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Kim Dotcom has scored a win in his extradition case to the U.S. where he and his company, MegaUpload, face multiple charges including racketeering and criminal copyright infringement.

Reuters is reporting that Dotcom’s effort to win bail have finally been rewarded as he was allowed to return home today after fighting to be granted bail for nearly a month.

As we previously reported, the U.S. attorneys in the case said that Dotcom posed a major flight risk due to his vast amount of money and private helicopter. Dotcom argued that he couldn't leave the country even if he wanted to as the U.S. froze his funds. He also said that he just wanted to go home to be with his wife who is currently pregnant with twins.

Even though Dotcom was granted bail, he will be still under strict surveillance. He will have to live in a small house near the mansion he rented and must wear an electronic tag. As was expected, he will be restricted in how far he can travel. Just in case, the judge also banned any helicopters from flying to or landing on the property.

What previously held Dotcom from attaining bail was that it was unclear if he had any hidden funds he could use to escape the country. After a review of the case, the judge in the case found that there was no evidence to say that Dotcom was hiding funds.

Now that he has been granted bail, Dotcom will be able to prepare for his upcoming extradition trial that the judge has set to take place on August 20. He has scheduled it to last three weeks. While he’s at it, Dotcom can also reclaim his top spot in Call of Duty.

Even though he has been granted bail and the extradition hearing isn’t set until August, it doesn’t mean that any new developments will occur between now and then. The U.S. is out for blood and it will probably keep adding new charges against the company that Dotcom built.

We will keep you up to date on any changes in the MegaUpload MegaSaga.

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