Megalodon Shark Found in Battlefield 4 DLC

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Before the launch of Battlefield 4 DICE and EA coined the term "Levolution." The made-up word encompassed all of the interactive map elements that promised to make Battlefield 4 a dynamic and realistic multiplayer combat experience.

Of course, many of the promises made about Battlefield 4, and Levolution in particular, were a wreck when the game launched last fall. Most infamously, the collapsing skyscraper promised for the "Siege of Shanghai" map caused some versions of the game to crash when activated.

This, in addition to a host of other broken features that led DICE to vow to fix the game before finishing planned DLC map packs for the latest Battlefield. That, in turn, led to EA being sued by investors who had expected the publisher to stick to its original DLC release plan.

Despite these difficulties, Battlefield 4 is now in a mostly playable state on all platforms. The game has also managed to maintain a dedicated fan base. This week those fans proved just how dedicated they are by finding a hidden Easter egg in the latest Battlefield 4 DLC.

The "Naval Strike" DLC was released recently, bringing larger naval combat to the game (and a hovercraft). In addition to the new maps and vehicles DICE also managed to pack in an extinct prehistoric terror of the seas.

Since the release of "Naval Strike" DICE developers had been teasing Battlefield 4 fans about content hidden in the latest update. The game's community banded together to solve the riddles and this weekend a giant Megalodon was coaxed out of hiding.

Evidently gathering several players around a certain spot on the "Nansha Strike" map included with the new DLC triggers the event. The massive shark will then leap out of the water, crushing everyone unlucky enough to be beneath it.

Sure, it's a bit pointless. But dedicated Battlefield 4 players deserve a bit of levity for enduring one of the worst triple-A game launches in recent memory.

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