Meg Ryan To Produce And Star In NBC Sitcom

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Meg Ryan is set to produce and star in a new NBC sitcom. The well-known actress has long been known for her romantic comedy films especially, and select others, but this will be the first time that she has starred in a television show. However, she did jump start her career with appearances on shows such as As The World Turns and Wildside.

It is also the first time that she has had the chance to work behind the camera, The series, which is currently in development, is being written by Marc Lawrence, who previously wrote the film Miss Congeniality and Michael J. Fox's hit show, Family Ties. Lawrence teamed up with Ryan over the summer, and came up with the premise of the show together. As the star and producer of the show, she plans to have a lot of say in how the show will go, although it still has not been given a name.

Ryan has been very popular throughout her career, starring in hit films such as Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail, to name a few. Her last film, Serious Moonlight, was released in 2009, but you would have to go back pretty far to find a film of hers that was actually held in high regard and seen by very many people. She has been keeping a very low-profile as of recently, and living a quiet life with her boyfriend John Mellencamp and her eight-year-old daughter, Daisy.

On the show, Ryan will play Rose, a single mother who decides to return to her New York publishing house where she was once a successful editor. She returns to find that she is now forced to work for Brenda, her neurotic 30-year-old boss, who was originally her intern. She must find a way to balance things out and keep her boss, teenage kids, husband and mother-in-law all happy. This unsurprisingly results in her over-complicating every situation, as she continues to make things worse.

Ryan, at age 51, was forced to drift away from the spotlight after her affair and subsequent divorce from fellow actor Dennis Quaid. They were married for ten years, and it later came out that she had an affair with Russell Crowe.

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