Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp Reportedly Split

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John Mellencamp is single again!

For some reason, that doesn’t inspire the kind of reaction that it used to. Let’s try that again.

Meg Ryan is single again!

That’s not much better, is it?

The Hoosier rocker with occasional jangly acoustic leanings is reportedly no longer dating the girl who used to be every guy’s girl-next-door fantasy before Sandra Bullock. It’s been a long time since Mellencamp was a sex symbol. And it’s been a long time since Meg Ryan was in a movie.

Meg Ryan was in one of those Hollywood marriages with Dennis Quaid until we found out she cheated with Russell Crowe. Sure, she said that Crowe was a cheater and all that, but somehow she ended up with the short end of the blame stick in that blowup. And Crowe walked away unscathed.

As for Mellencamp, he and wife Elaine Irwin divorced back in 2011. She was the model on the cover of his Whenever We Wanted album. That’s a good album. He’s been dating Meg Ryan ever since.

Inside sources — which are usually friends who aren’t really friends, or people who just make stuff up — say that the split is about the distance between the two. Mellencamp was born in Indiana, and he lives in Indiana, he’ll probably die in Indiana, and that’s probably where they’ll bury him. Hey.

Meg Ryan is a New York girl. Mellencamp does not want to move to New York. He’s seen it all in Indiana, had himself a ball in Indiana. Perhaps he should have stuck with that L.A. girl he brought in.

In any case, the long distance thing seems to have finally worn thin.

Meg Ryan, for her part, may actually have a new film coming. It’s called Ithica, and, in an astonishing move, she will star opposite Tom Hanks.

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