Meeteor Helps SXSW Goers Network

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With an estimated 48,000 people registered to attend South by Southwest (SXSW), networking with the right people would be a daunting task. Startup Meeteor is helping make SXSW smaller and more network friendly.

Meeteor is a networking service that uses Facebook to help users get introductions with professionals to help their career, discover new work connections, and create an employer friendly Facebook profile.

Normally the service asks users which companies and industries the user wants to connect with when creating new networks. They have now launched a unique version, specific to SXSW, that asks users what their interests are in relation to the conference, to help create these connections.

Topics include Mobile, Web, BBQ/Booze/Swag, Dating Services, Startup Analytics, and Gamification, among others. Just enter in your interests and Meeteor takes you to profiles of other professionals that share them, even Meeteor founder Philip Cortes.

Meeteor's founder, Philip Cortes

Just click "Introduce Yourself", leave a personal message and make plans to meet at the conference.

“We connect you with the best possible people,” Cortes says, “not just people who happen to be around you.”

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