Meet Max, Netflix's New Recommendation Companion

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Netflix has been using its algorithms to suggests movies and TV shows that you may like for some time now. Sometimes those suggestions are good, and other times they are hilariously bad. It all has to do with what you watch, how long you watch it, and whether or not you rate it. I guess what I'm saying is that it's kind of your fault too, you know.

Merely suggesting titles is a static experience, however, and Netflix apparently wants to make the process more dynamic. To that end, they've just unveiled Max, an interactive recommendation companion. Yes, it's a Netflix wizard. I guess it's kind of like Clippy.

For PS3 users, Max will now be there when you open up your Netflix app. For everyone else, Netflix says that it depends on how Max "performs." They say that if all is good, then Max will begin to pop up on more and more devices - probably the iPad next. It's also only available to users in the U.S. for now.

If you choose to activate Max, there are a few ways in which he'll try to find you something to watch. One method involves having you rate a few titles within a given genre. Another has you pick between two very different movie stars, and Max will pick a film starring one of them. Another lets you pick between two incredibly specific subgenres (think "tortured geniuses").

Then there's "Max's Mystery Call." This is when Max gets ballsy and decides that he already knows something that you'll love. All you gotta do is just go with him.

At any time after Max has selected a movie or TV show for you to watch, you can either have him choose again or simply say no thanks.

If you don't stream Netflix on a PS3, you can check out what will likely be coming to you in the near future below:

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