Meet KegDroid, Your Android-Powered Beer Dispenser

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Paul Carff was bored with drinking beer (lolwut?), so he decided to take on a project to make the whole experience more enjoyable. What he came up with is KegDroid, which is pretty much what it sounds like: an Android-powered Kegerator. Yeah, awesome is putting it mildly here.

Carff is a Googler, current Developer Advocate and former Engineering Manager to be exact, so this little device has probably made him pretty popular around the office.

It's pretty simple. The whole thing is built upon on a Motorola Xoom tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. In order to get the KegDroid to pour you any delicious beer, you have to be authenticated. The app does this via NFC badges. Once the system authenticates you, your Google+ profile will pop up on the screen. A couple of flow sensors housed in the guts of the machine make sure you get the perfect pour.

Now all that's left is to select which beer you want and how much of it you want on the tablet. Check out this glorious device in action below:

As you can see, his IPA was a little foamy. According to a Google+ post, he just had the CO2 up a little high, and the situation has been remedied.

Carff says that he hopes to see these KegDroids around the world soon, something I'm sure nobody would have a problem with. Last year, we told you about a collaboration between Dogfish Head brewery and some beer-loving Googlers. Together, they crafted URKontinent, and Belgian Dubbel with ingredients from five different continents. Back then, Google told me that they had no plans to enter the beer business.

[h/t Ubergizmo]
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