Meet Florida Man, World's Worst Superhero and Best New Parody Twitter Account

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Today's winner for parody Twitter account you need to be following comes to you from Everywhere, Florida. It's Florida Man, which features "real-life headlines about the world's worst superhero."

The account tweets out any and all headlines that involve a "florida man" doing something. For instance, "Ketchup-covered Florida Man arrested for yelling profanities at tourists" or "Florida Man arrested with sex toy in rectum."

For some reason, men in Florida tend to make the news for doing some of the most ridiculous things. And this account perfectly demonstrates that by simply tweeting out news stories involving any man in Florida doing something insane.

Simply beautiful.

Here, take a look at some of Florida Man's exploits:

Remember, these are all links to real stories (mostly from local Florida news outlets). The tweets read like stories from The Onion, but they all really happened. And that's the beauty of Florida Man. He's everywhere, doing hilariously stupid things at all times. He's the hero Florida deserves. He's Florida Man.

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