Meebo Shutting Down Its Products on July 11

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One week ago it was officially announced that Google had acquired social platform and messaging service Meebo. It was unclear exactly how Meebo's products, which include the Meebo Messenger and Meebo Bar, would be integrated with Google services, or whether they would be at all. Now it's clear that Meebo is going away for good. Most of it, anyway.

Meebo has announced, through a support article on its website, that many of its products will be shutting down on July 11. The most noteworthy shutdown will be Meebo's founding application, the Meebo Messenger. Users can download their chat logs from the Meebo website until July 11, at which point the service will be no more. Sharing on Meebo will also be closing, and users can also download their share history in the month before shutdown. Meebo Me widgets will stop working after the shutdown date, meaning website owners will have to remove embedded widgets from their sites. All of Meebo's mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry will cease functioning on July 11 as well.

The Meebo Bar is the only service that will continue on, it seems. In its announcement, the company stated that site publishers will still be able to use the Bar and that new features for the product will roll out "in the weeks and months ahead."

Meebo still has fans who have used its Messenger service for years. These users will have to switch to Google Chat or another instant messaging service, though many of them used Meebo for its many privacy and security features. The loss of Meebo is just beginning to be felt across the internet, including Twitter: