Medal Of Honor Warfighter Gameplay Looks Fun, Still Has Awful Title


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EA let loose a few months ago that they would be making a sequel to the Medal of Honor reboot from 2010. The title didn't really tell us that much about the game besides the fact that you would be fighting wars, but that changes today.

The publisher released a new gameplay trailer that gives us a look into the campaign and some of the gameplay players will encounter in the game. The story seems to follow a similar plot of other war games, especially the Modern Warfare series. It will involve Tier 1 operators around the globe as they fight against the terrorist operations of PETN.

The story is never really important in these kind of games though. So the question becomes: how does it look? The first thing that stands out from the trailer is that its an absolutely gorgeous game. That's to be expected since its running off of the Frostbite 2 engine, the same engine that powers the equally beautiful Battlefield 3.

As for the actual gameplay itself, it looks much more exciting than the first title. The change to global operations instead of just the desert helps this immensely. It allows for more level variety and change of scenery is key to retaining interest for an FPS.

Medal of Honor Warfighter launches on October 23 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This is gonna be one to keep an eye on, folks. It looks like the developer took the criticisms of the first game to heart. The only worry now comes from DICE no longer making the multiplayer. It will be up to Danger Close to prove they've got the chops to make a great multiplayer game.