McDonald's Vandalized By Dissatisfied Customers

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McDonald's had a rough time last week. First, a customer found a deep fried insect in his hashbrowns, and then early on Sunday morning, two angry drunken customers rampaged at a Tennessee location and damaged some property because they were unhappy with the way their cheeseburgers came out.

Christopher Slate, 21, and Sean Mosey, 23, of Murfreesburo were allegedly angry over the amount of onions on their burgers and told police the sandwiches were "messed up". After going through the drive-thru, they went home and drank a little, which only exacerbated the situation and led to them getting more worked up over the burgers. They later returned to the restaurant to throw bricks through windows and hurled a large chunk of concrete through the drive-thru, which shattered the glass and cut up an employee's arm. They ran, but Mosey tripped and fell and was unable to get up, and the cops had no trouble arresting these bumbling perps after that. I'm guessing Mosey's head broke his fall, judging from the mug shot bandages.

Now, I'd dare to say few among us have ever been in a situation where alcohol curbed a bad temper, but this is a tad on the ridiculous side. Both guys are now charged with felony reckless endangerment and vandalism and are also facing charges of public intoxication, and all because beer and a vague annoyance at fast-food incompetence don't mix. Next time you find yourself irritated that Taco Bell forgot to give you fire sauce during a 3 a.m. munchies run, remember these guys and just let it go.

Amanda Crum
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