McDonald's Dollar Menu to Offer Items That Cost More than $1


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You know how McDonald's Dollar Menu gets a little skimpier with each passing year? There was a time when you could get two slices of cheese on that double cheeseburger for a buck instead of that McDouble with its lonely slice of cheese. Well, McDonald's Dollar Menu is about to get revamped and better items will be added. The catch? You'll have to pay more than a dollar.

McDonald's confirmed that it will be adding some new items to its Dollar Menu, such as a 20-piece nugget and burgers with more than a single patty or cheese slice. Don't get too excited, though--those items won't cost a dollar. These items will be added under McDonald's new Dollar Menu & More starting in November.

According to a spokesperson for McDonald's, the fast food chain will change "some elements of the dollar menu, [while] adding two more tiers for our customers." In addition to the traditional Dollar Menu staples, the new menu will include items for $2 and $5.

With the introduction of the Dollar Menu & More, McDonald's will do away with the Extra Value Menu, which was introduced in 2012 and hasn't done so well. Since the Dollar Menu was introduced about ten years ago, it has accounted for "13-15% of sales," according to Consumerist. During the recession, McDonald's was one chain that saw its profits increase, as more people looked to the cheap offerings the Dollar Menu provided at mealtimes.

What do you think about McDonald's changing its Dollar Menu? Respond below. A few folks on Twitter are quite distressed:

In other McDonald's-related news, if you have kids (or buy Happy Meals for reasons of nostalgia), you'll notice another change rolling out at McDonald's soon--books will be added to Happy Meals beginning November 1 for a limited time. Some customers are still getting over the renovations that attempted to make the fast food chain look more upscale (but just felt weird), and now McDonald's is rolling in Dollar Menu and Happy Meal changes in the same month? Oh, boy.

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