McDonald's Coffee Will Be on Store Shelves Next Year

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If you're one of the many huge fans of McDonald's coffee out there, you now have a reason to celebrate! McDonald's will begin sellling a variety of ground and whole bean bagged coffee in some retail and grocery stores beginning next year, according to Reuters. This little experiment will also include single cup servings.

McDonald's said in a statement it was "building on the momentum of our McCafe beverages in our restaurants by expanding these options." McDonald's has enjoyed an enormous shot in the arm since its fairly recent introduction of McCafe beverages, which include coffee and espressos. Coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts sell packaged coffee and K-cups through their shops and other retailers, and have been immensely successful, but can McDonald's hold their own in the bagged coffee business?

McDonald's has already been selling McCafe pre-packaged coffee in Canada since last year. They came in 12 oz. bags and cost around $7. They will be teaming up with Kraft Foods Group, Inc. as their distributor. "We want to work with McDonald's to help consumers enjoy McCafe premium coffee in the comfort and convenience of their own homes," Kraft Foods CEO Tony Vernon told analysts on a conference call.Kraft got back into the U.S. premium grocery coffee business in August 2011, with a deal to sell Gevalia coffee in supermarkets which was very successful.

The company, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, didn't release any other details or say how extensive it's initial rollout, but if there are enough die-hard McDonald's coffee fans out there to make it work, then good for them!

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