McCready Shot Dog Before Killing Herself

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Mindy McCready, the country singer who was found dead at her home on Sunday afternoon, apparently shot her boyfriend's dog before turning the gun on herself. The two were found next to each other on the porch of her home.

McCready's boyfriend, David Wilson, allegedly shot and killed himself last month on the same porch. McCready, who has had a history of drug and alcohol problems, wasn't an official suspect in his death, but police were reportedly looking at the case as one possibly involving foul play. The couple had a ten-month old baby together, and Mindy had a six-year old son from a previous relationship.

The country star fell onto hard times after breaking into the music industry at the age of 18; after several arrests and stints in rehab, she even appeared on "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" for an addiction to prescription pills. Her music career began to fall off around the time she made headlines for being in trouble with the law, and bouts of depression stole over her. Friends and family say that anyone who knew McCready saw her death coming a long time ago, but that her dependency on drugs made it close to impossible to get close to her.

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