McClain Arrested For Signature On Traffic Ticket

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Rolando McClain was arrested on Tuesday for "providing a false name" to police after he signed a traffic ticket with an expletive.

The Raiders linebacker was pulled over for having tinted windows which the officer deemed too dark, and then refused to submit to a window inspection, telling police he has a doctor-confirmed light sensitivity that renders the tint necessary. Eventually, after another officer was called in, McClain allowed them to inspect the window and was written up for the tint. He signed the ticket "F*ck ya'll", then tried to convince officers that was his actual signature. Obviously, it didn't fly, and they arrested him on the spot.

“I’m falsely accused of everything,” McClain told reporters as he was leaving court. “It’s corrupt. It’s terrible.”

The NFL player originally wouldn't give his name to the officer who pulled him over, telling him, "You know who I am". He later claimed that he was targeted by police and that they are out to get him.

McClain was a first-round draft pick for the Raiders in 2010 but is reportedly not living up to expectations and has had frequent issues with the coach and other players. No word yet on whether the arrest will have an affect on his playing.

Amanda Crum
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