McCarthy Fires Extra Over Child Abuse On Set

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Melissa McCarthy has reportedly fired an extra from the set of her latest film, "Tammy", because the woman was abusing her child.

The woman brought her child to the outdoor shoot in Wilmington, North Carolina and reportedly had trouble disciplining him all day. Witnesses say he disrupted the set and his mother couldn't control him, and at one point she reached down, grabbed his arm, and picked him up by the wrist. McCarthy allegedly fired the woman and told her that abuse of any kind would not be tolerated.

McCarthy is co-directing the film with her husband as well as starring in it as Tammy, a woman who gets fired from her job only to come home and catch her husband cheating on her. The film is a passion project for McCarthy, who also co-wrote the screenplay. She spoke a little about the movie and her scenes with Susan Sarandon, who plays her character's grandmother and road-trip buddy.

“They both have their issues they’re not acknowledging and they’re leaving town without knowing where they’re going," McCarthy said. "I love that there’s something that happens in a car with people where all bets off. You're off your rhythm, off your schedule, you're forced to be completely adaptable or die."

So far, McCarthy has had no comment about the extra's termination.

Amanda Crum
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